Sometimes when a loved one passes, it is their wish to be buried with a spouse, sibling or parent. If a memorial is already in place and an additional inscription is required we can take care of this for you. At BA Hodcroft we will deal with the cemetery or churchyard authorities to gain the correct permits required, arrange the removal and re-fixing of the memorial, renovate current inscriptions (if required) and add the new inscription so loved ones can be remembered.

Whatever the lettering style of material of your existing memorial here At BA Hodcroft, the excellent craftsmanship skills we possess along with the latest technology means that we can replicate any inscription.


We also offer a service in renovating existing memorials to return your memorial to it's former glory. This can include cleaning of the memorial or repainting and regilding existing lettering and designs.

As you can see from the before and after shots of our renovation work below even the most weather beaten memorials can look fantastic once cleaned professionally.

Call us today and we will be happy to visit your memorial and provided you with a free quotation to carry out the cleaning process.